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July 1, 2016
Hey guys! Next week I will hop on a bus and head my big nose to the most amazing festival in Finland; Ruisrock. I’m super excited! Many of you must be attending some festivals this summer as well so I thought that I could share a festival inspired outfit for you all and share some of my tip on what to wear at a party like that.

Ripped jeans and shorts are definitely a go-to option for festivals. Awesome shoes from, for example, Nike or sandals from Birkenstock are a great match for that kind of pants. Make sure they’re not too new though because at an outdoor party they’ll definitely get a bit dirty.

I never really wear bracelets but at festivals I wear so many of them that I hardly can put my hand up in the air while dancing, haha.

This outfit has all the elements I mentioned and I combined them with a basic, white t-shirt and a pretty saucy, sleeveless shirt. Those of you who know my obsession with black and white in everything — especially in dressing — must be thinking have I lost my mind. I think that at festivals one should get a bit crazy — with everything! 😀

I heard that there are not much tickets left so make your move now and get them if you have dreamed about attending this festival. You can get them here.

Are any of you coming to Ruisrock? Or which festivals are you attending this summer? Who do you look forward seeing on the stage? What should one wear at a festival? Let’s share our thought on the comment box below! 🙂


|T-SHIRT| Topman
|SHOES| Birkenstock
Pictures by Valtteri Sandberg
Editing by Miska Lehto
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