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October 23, 2016

Phew, I’m just starting to realize what happened on Thursday! We were celebrating Elle Style Awards then and I was nominated the Best Male Dresser of 2016. It was such an honor to even be nominated in that category but the fact that we won blows my mind! I’m using plural because it was you there and I who achieved this award together.

I started blogging back in 2009 and during all these years you guys have been there supporting me. You have praised me and gave me critique — both of these acts have helped me to develop in many different sectors but especially in dressing. I’m lucky to have another family — a social media family. Thank you to every single one who voted for me — you are the best!

I also want to thank my mom. I already mentioned her in my gala speech but I wanna tell you guys as well how she let me fill in H&M’s catalogues when I was little and ordered me some of the clothes. That started my love for clothes and fashion so thank you, mom!

Huge thanks go to Valtteri as well, who always has to suffer from my outfit crisis at home. Or maybe I’m the most sorry for the fact he needs to live with my clothes… We basically live in my wardrobe because my clothes have taken over our apartment. The other day I asked Valtteri if we could move to a four-room apartment instead of the three-room apartment we live in at the moment to have a room just for my clothes. You can just imagine his face when I said that.

A blogger and YouTuber would be nothing without the photographer. A big, big shoutout to Miska Lehto who knows how to immortalize my outfits and can make the not-so-interesting outfits to look amazing. Thank you, Miska!

Huge thanks to Elle as well who nominated me in this category and arranged this amazing night.


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