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October 27, 2016

Hey guys! Autumn is so here, or should I say winter. Yesterday a huge snow flake landed on my nose… A FREAKING SNOW FLAKE!? I have a dozen of mid-season jackets hanging in my wardrobe that haven’t worn yet but it’s already too damn cold for them. Finnish weather is definitely not for a jeans and a bomber jacket kind of guy.

I hate nothing more than ice cold toes so I have made some investments to my shoe collection. Finnish fall and winter are famous for being super wet so these Palladium Pampa classics are a much pair of shoes. They are not super warm though but they keep your feet dry and I still have survived without woolen stockings. There is a version with lining as well so I might get them later. It’s funny because last year I thought these shoes were horrendous but now I love them! Well, I never thought I’d love pink as much as I do — not to mention dye my hair with that color, so I’ve learnt never say never to anything.

Click the thumb below if you think that it’s way to cold already. Or is it still warm there where you live?



|JACKET| Sweet Denim
|HOODIE| Junkyard xx-xy
|VEST| Junkyard xx-xy
|JEANS| Tiger of Sweden
|SHOES| Palladium

Pictures by Valtteri Sandberg

img_5371 img_5372 img_8711 img_5370 img_5374

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