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October 28, 2016



Hey guys! I get commented on my looks several times a day — some of them are positive, some negative. There is something common in many of them though…

“I love your blonde hair, never go brown again!”

“Wear something other than black sometimes — that’s so boring.”

“You pose too much — smile more often!”

“Don’t get your nose pierced — it would look nasty on you!”

…they want to label me (without sometimes even realizing it) and tell me what I should be like.


But why? That’s a question I can’t answer. People who write these comments don’t personally know me so the reason can’t be that they are ashamed to hang around me if I, for example, get my nose pierced. I’m a person behind the screen who writes about his life and films videos. What does it matter how I look like? If I feel awkward smiling to the camera and don’t wanna take forced fake smile pictures on Instagram, why does it drive some people mad or even matter to them?


That kind of comments come from some of the most enthusiastic followers, which makes it even more strange, because I feel like they want to tell me who I should be and restrain me. Why do they want to put me in a box when they should support me to grow as a person. It’s a normal and healthy thing for you and I — for everybody!

On the other hand, why do some people even think that if they tell me to wear something other than black, I would put a bright green shirt on me. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but sometimes it makes me feel like a piece of modeling clay with no own will.

I’m recognized of my blonde hair and even last Thursday at the Elle Style Awards I was introduced to the stage by the following sentence: “Social media star and vlogger Janne Naakka is an experimenting, trendy young man who’s wardrobe is an endless treasure chest. A bomber jacket and blonde hair are his trademarks as well as cool poses.” Because my hair was my biggest trademark I decided that it’s time to let go. I dyed my hair pink! Partly because I really, really wanted to but partly because I wanted to prove others and myself that I decide who I am.

Don’t let anyone or anything, comments or beauty standards define if you’re beautiful or not. You decide what you and and you’re beautiful the way you are.


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