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September 4, 2016

Hey guys! Last week I released the fourth episode of my interior design show on YouTube and this time it was time to decorate our balcony. Because I know some of you are not fans of videos, I decided to post you some photos as well.

My absolute favorite thing about the balcony is the super comfortable sofa set from Nice Touch by Timburg. I ordered it from web store. The sofa is very easy to keep clean because the material of the pillows repeals dirt and they’re machine washable. The products of the label are extremely high quality so I’m sure I will take the set to my future apartments as well. And in the future if we more to a bigger or smaller apartment it’s easy to change it up because it consists of different pieces so it’s easy to modify to the room.

If some of you are inspired to decorate your balcony or terrace, make sure to check out web store. In addition to, for example, sofa sets they have a huge selection of other products as well such as outdoor lamps.

What do you think about the result? We have been really enjoying it!

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