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September 4, 2016

Hey guys! I thought I would love to dedicate an own article for the hotel where Valtteri and I stayed while we were in Paris. We got so many questions about it so here you go! We stayed at the Starhotels Castille, which is located in the centrum of Paris. The greatness of the location was a surprise for first-timers like us because we didn’t really know Paris well before we visited the city. And of course, it was a positive surprise because many of the sightseeings were close and the shopping streets were right around the corner. We mainly walked, used Uber and taxi.

When we first opened the door of our room, our mouths fell to the ground. We stayed in a Duplex Suite that had two floors and two bathrooms. There was this beautiful French balcony in our room that had a stunning view to an idyllic Parisian street. The decoration of the room, as well as the entire hotel, was full of beautiful details and the entirety was very French romantic as we had though before arriving there.

When we woke up in the morning, the first thing we saw was an ornamental wallpaper and we didn’t have to think for a second where we were in the world. As we walked down to have some breakfast the friendly staff told us “Bonjour!” and were ready to help us the best way possible. We enjoyed the lovely breakfast at the inner court that was very peaceful. This hotel really does deserve the five stars it has and we both can recommend it warm-heartedly. We thought the hotel itself was an experience and gave us a dreamy piece of French culture. Thank you so much Starhotels Castille for taking the best care of us!

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