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September 5, 2016

Bonjour! Here is my first look from Paris. It’s probably the most casual outfit I wore during our trip because even though I would’ve wanted to dress up very tidy and French, comfort won. On the first and the second day I had the power to fight against the heat of 30 Celsius degrees but eventually I had to say goodbye to jeans and leather shoes. I raise a hat for all the French people who stayed true to their style — for example, by wearing a fancy suit — despite the heat.

This outfit is quite basic but I feel like the bandana makes the difference. I’m also wearing a bracelet instead of a watch, which is very unusual. My favorite watch brand is called Triwa and the bracelet happens to be from them as well. I really hope they will make more of them!
Now I need to get off the computer. Today or tomorrow you will hear the reason for that… 😉


|SHIRT| Junkyard xx-xy
|T-SHIRT| Junkyad xx-xy
|JEANS| Tiger Of Sweden
|SHOES| Vagabond
|BANDANA| Glitter

Pictures by Valtteri Sandberg

IMG_4185-1 IMG_4190 IMG_4331 IMG_4328 IMG_4327 IMG_6632-2 IMG_4326 IMG_6619

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