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September 21, 2016

Hey guys! Finally a lifelong dream came true: I went to Disneyland! In August — on my real birthday — we had no time to have a celebration so we decided to do that in Paris. What would be a better place for a birthday party than Disneyland?!

Thanks to some of your advice, we knew to dedicate the whole day for that part of the Disney World. We didn’t want to rush so we bought tickets only for Disneyland — not for the Movie park. At first we headed to some rides and it was so much fun. After spending quite some time standing in lines and enjoying the rides we decided to head to a buffet. We left the buffet right on time because the famous Disney parade was just about to start. We went to do some shopping and enjoyed the parade afterwards. No wonder you guys told us the parade was worth experiencing. It was breathtaking!

We were so tired after the parade we decided to head home. The fireworks would’ve been amazing to see but now we have a reason to go back! 😉

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