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September 25, 2016

Hey guys! I thought I could come and say hi and share you some Sunday feelings with a bunch of Instagram pictures. This has been such an amazing weekend because my schedule has been hectic for a long time now. October 2nd there will be major changes here in the blog as well as on my YouTube channel so stay tuned for that!

As I told you earlier, my friend Antti came to visit me. We spent the whole Friday just chatting and watching the lamest horror movie in history (why does Netflix have so bad horror movies…) but yesterday we headed to the city centrum to do some shopping. Our plans for today are a bit open yet but tomorrow we’re going to go see Justin Bieber’s concert, SOS! Are you as excited about the concert as I am?!

IMG_3695 IMG_4901 IMG_3697 IMG_4902 IMG_3309

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