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NAAG 3.0

October 19, 2016
Janne Naakka naaG 1

Hey guys! Here I am again! If someone didn’t notice, my blog was closed for two weeks because we have been doing some finishing touches to my template to make it absolutely perfect. I’M JUST SO HAPPY HOW IT TURNED OUT!

I’m kind of a weirdo and I don’t know if I could already call this bipolar disorder but I can’t decide whether I am a YouTuber of a blogger. However, lately I felt like I don’t even wanna be put in a box — a category. I don’t want to decide which one I am — I just want to be myself and create content I love. I wanna do me and walk my own path.

Janne Naakka naaG 2

I’ve been working on this template for half a year now and I can’t even describe how amazing it feels to be finally able to share this with you. I wanted a place that inspires me to create and a place where I could share it all with you guys. I’ve been trying to combine all of my passions; videos, photography and writing, and I feel like I’ve finally made it. This new template — new blog — brings everything perfectly together.

I hope you all are as excited as I am! If you are, please use the new thumb feature at the end of the article as well as comment your thoughts down below. What do you like, what needs to be improved? I’d also be happy if you’d like to share your thoughts on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #naagfi. Anyways, see you tomorrow with a new article!

P.S. A couple of features are still coming up this week! 😉

Pictures by Miska Lehto



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