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January 2, 2017

Hey guys! It’s weird thinking that it’s already Janyary… It was Christmas just a few seconds ago?! Time has flown by so fast because Valtteri and I have spent only two days at our place since mid-December. I’m writing this post from Rovaniemi, Lapland since we’re visiting my sister here. I haven’t been able to post you about our Christmas earlier but here we go…

I was the first time celebrating Christmas with Valtteri’s family and I gotta admit that I was a bit nervous. As many of you know, Christmas is the most imporant thing about a year for me. I was very afraid that it wouldn’t feel like Christmas at all because I wouldn’t be surrounded with my own family. The traditions in Valtteri’s family are also very different from ours…

They don’t, for example, eat rice pudding because nobody likes it. My family loves rice pudding! They also don’t watch Christmas movies together. Our family watches every single movie that is aired during Christmas.

Even though there were many differences with the traditions, it was refreshing and I spend an amazing Christmas. It was also the first Christmas of our puppy, Lucky! He loved ham, haha.

By the way, if you’re not following Lucky on Instagram, you can find him with the name @luckywhiteprince! He has almost 40 000 followers and he’s very grateful for it 🙂

I hope you had an amazing Christmas!

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