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January 24, 2017
Janne Naakka Asu (1)

Hey guys! Everyone who follows me on Snapchat already knows what’s up… I’m still having a high fever which means I miss the L’Oréal Paris Colorista -trip to Stockholm. You can only imagine how disappointed I am but there’s nothing I can do. The doctor told me to spent at least the next three days in bed — probably without my laptop but I had to update you guys.

So don’t wonder why videos and posts are not coming up as they should. I need to rest now. The start of this year has been very busy and some bad things have happened to my loved ones so that has affect on me as well because I’m worried. Sometimes I even worry so much that I forget my own well-being. This week was booked with imporant stuff but I feel like this illness is my body’s way to tell me to slow down a little bit.

But before I put my laptop away, a few words about the outfit I’m wearing in these pictures. I’m still in love with that long bomber that I ordered from Junkyard a long time ago. The exact same model is sold out but you can find similar here — and it’s on sale! I need to admit that it such a perfect jacket, which suit females as well since a girlfriend of mine ordered it and it looks bomb on her. The pants are from Urban Classic, which is one of my favorite brands at the moment.

PS. Thank you for all the well-wishes!

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|JACKET| Junkyard xx-xy
|SHIRT| Sixth June
|T-SHIRT| Urban Classics
|PANTS| Urban Classics
|WATCH| Triwa
|SHOES| Timberland

Photos: Valtteri Sandberg


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