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January 26, 2017
London (1)

Hi guys! It’s time for the last photos from our trip to London. We took a later flight in purpose so that we had time to do some last minute shopping before we left. We went to Westfield, which in a huge shopping centrum where we were able to find all the same stores that were in the centrum on London — under the same roof. We wanted to be quick so it was a lot of easier to shop there than at the Oxford Street. It was also very quiet because it was a Tuesday afternoon so that made it even more pleasant.

We got a little bit too excited at the mall so that we had to another luggage for all the stuff that we bought… We’re a bit extra, I know. Anyway, when we got to the hotel and were done packing out third luggage and changed into our coy airport looks, we asked the receptionist to call us a cab. And he did. But it took 45 minutes for the cab to arrive? We were already a bit late to the airport but this was just nonsense. The traffic was the biggest b*tch as well and we were 100% sure that we would have to stay another night and pay for new flights as well as airport hotel.

When we finally got to the airport we literally ran to do the check-in and only five minutes before it would’ve been too late, we made it. We were so relieved!

But yeah! That’s that about the London posts. Well, I have some outfit pictures coming up but no more photo diaries. I hope you enjoyed these posts as well as the restaurant tips.

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