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About Me


The successful story of Janne Naakka began in 2009 when he first launched his highly hyped blog – naaG. The multiple award winning blog is the king of its kind in Finland. But Mr. Naakka is more than just a blogger. With his highly professional take on his work he has climbed his way to the top of the game as a huge YouTube and Instagram sensation as well. This Elle Style Awards 2016-nominated entertainer (Best Dressed Male of 2016) is a role model of consumption for the hundreds of thousands of youngsters and young adults that follow him every single day.

As a blog, naaG has a professional take on it but it is also very authentic and compelling. It offers styled, high quality inspiration pictures on a daily basis. By the way he ingeniously combines luxury and street style, Mr. Naakka has earned himself a style icon status. Fashion is his element but interior design, food and especially travelling are huge passions of his as well and that comes across to his followers. He writes and creates with his heart wide open and it must be the key to his success. Thousands of people follow his vision every single day.

Mr. Naakka’s YouTube channel is professional but above all humoristic and self-ironic. In his highly popular videos people get to dive into his wild imagination on things that are close to his heart, everyday life and exciting challenges. The authenticity, joy and reliability come perfectly across from the well planned and excellent quality videos. The YouTube star has gained over 20 000 000 million views on his videos.

The extremely well put up Instagram account of Mr. Naakka is like a daydream for people who enjoy fashion, interior design, food and traveling. It’s a harmonic and stylish entirety – always a head of its time. With the help of his professional photography team, he has created an account that inspires tens of thousands of people not only from Finland but all around the world. The pictures are like straight from a fashion magazine and they collect thousands of likes and hundreds of flattering comments in only minutes.


APR 2010 – The story of naaG – not an average Guy begins


MAR 2011 – Started writing another blog for a fashion label Jim&Jill


APR 2012 – Interview with Forum24 newspaper

MAY 2012 – Interview with Kaleva newspaper

JUNE 2012 – Interview with Summer Kaleva newspaper

SEPT 2012 – Interview with Etelä-Saimaan Sanomat newspaper

OCT 2012 – Interview with Kaleva newspaper

DEC 2012 – Blog moved to Indiedays – the biggest blog portal of Finland


FEB 2013 – Interview with Miss Mix magazine

APR 2013 – Interview with Tuima online magazine

APR 2013 – The winner of Aussie Blog Awards Reader’s Choice category

MAY 2013 – Designed an outfit for the Voice of Finland semi-finals

OCT 2013 – 3rd place at the Inspiration Blog Awards in lifestyle category


JAN 2014 – Blog went independent and renovated its the concept

JAN 2014 – Interview with Viihdeposti online magazine

JAN 2014 – Interview with Demi magazine.

AUG 2014 – Nominated for the best male YouTuber of Finland


MAR 2015 – The winner of Aussie Video Academy Awards

APR 2015 – Interview with Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

MAY 2015 – Interview with Trendi magazine

OCT 2015 – Contract with Suomen Blogimedia

OCT 2015 – Guest at one of Finland’s biggest tabloid magazine’s show

DEC 2015 – Collaboration jewelry collection for Jevelo


MAY 2016 – Guest at Sub Goes Kolina -TV-show

JUNE 2016 – Guest at YLE 2 Summeri -TV-show

JULY 2016 – Judge at Mr. Gay Finland 2016

JULY 2016 – 100 000 subscribers on YouTube

AUG 2016 – Interview with Finland’s first YouTube magazine

AUG 2016 – Nominated for Favorite Youtuber at Tubecon Awards

SEPT 2016 – Contract with Blocknation management

SEPT 2016 – Interview with YleX -radio station

OCT 2016 – 100 000 Instagram followers

OCT 2016 – Nominated for Best Lifestyle channel at The Blog Awards 2016

OCT2016 – naaG 3.0 -blog opens